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style guide.

I know, I know, determining what to wear for photos is probably more work than the photos themselves! I'm going to outline a few tips below. PLEASE take the time to read through this entire guide, as I promise it will answer lots of questions.

(Also, I understand that not everyone can invest in new clothing solely for photos.
I don't expect that by any means, the below recommendations are just suggestions if you'd like to go that route)

style guide


Please check out each of these Style Guide sections. They will help you out immensely! 

why does

styling matter?

So here's the thing...clients often book me because they're drawn to my warm, golden tones and vivid color pops.

However, it's not just my camera settings that factor into those. Both are affected by style decisions.

For example, neutral and jewel tones work well with my editing style, while pastels and neons don't mesh.

I don't bring this up because I personally care what clients wear. It's because I want you, as the client, to receive images representative of my work and the reason you booked me.

let's break

it down.

let's focus on...

  • clothing you are comfortable in
  • a color palette for each person
  • layers of accessories (think hats, vests, jackets, knee-high socks, bonnets, beanies, boots, shawls, blankets)
  • jewelry that pops
  • footwear you can stand and walk in

let's avoid...

  • logos and neons
  • sporty sneakers
  • overly baggy clothing
  • apple watches/ponytails on wrist
  • too many patterns
  • all matching


I understand that not everyone can invest in new clothing solely for photos.
I don't expect that by any means, these are just suggestions if you'd like to go that route. 

here's some


Check out these Pinterest boards if you want to be inspired right off the bat!




consider your surroundings

This is perhaps the best advice I can give. Before choosing what to wear, think about the area in which we will be shooting. If it's beachy, long and flowy dresses are almost always a yes, and heels are almost always a no. If we're in an open field, boho and flowy is also a good choice. If we will be walking a bit to a location, make sure to bring comfortable shoes for that portion. 


Avoid spray tans and self-tanner

I know, you want to be tan in your photos! But these artificial tans do not photograph well, especially with the warmth of my editing. 


Clothing with Movement

Stiff or tight clothing doesn't always photograph well. Clothes that are broken in and have some movement to them (hello, boho and flowy!) are always a better option. Your photo will look and feel more natural if you go this route. 


Stick to neutral & jewel tones

I cannot stress this enough...stick to neutrals and jewel tones if you like the warm, vibrant look of my photos. This means burnt orange, forest green, deep yellows, creams, browns...YES!

Please, please avoid brights pinks, bright oranges and bright reds, as they can really affect skin tones in photos. If you're really set on one of these colors, shoot me a message and we can talk it over! 


minimize patterns

Patterns can get tricky. Typically, stick to 2 patterns for every 4-5 people. Please don't use two of the same patterns together. The idea is to complement instead of match. 


accessorize wisely

I am a big believer that less is more. Feel free to accessorize your outfit, but don't go overboard as it can be distracting. If you can't decide what to add, feel free to bring options and we can decide at the shoot.
Some ideas...hats, vests, jackets, flower crowns, jewelry, knee-high socks, bonnets, beanies, boots, shawls, blankets.


style & select.

Style & Select is an amazing styling service I offer my clients at no additional charge. You can use it as inspiration, or for actual shopping. It's meant to better guide clients through the styling process and take some of the stress out of the process.