SS White

Alexandria, Minnesota Photographer


If you are looking for a photographer near Alexandria, MN, I'm your person! I wholly believe that images hold a power unlike anything else in this world. And as such, I do my best to capture the moments that matter most to you, whatever those may be. I believe in upfront pricing, quick turnaround and a unique experience catered to you.


Why Trust Me

With These Moments?

I won't lie, you have your choice of many talented photographers in this area. In some cases, I may refer you to them if I feel they could serve you better! My goal is to provide a photo experience where you feel heard and seen. I am not a stand-still-smile-and-say-cheese type of photographer. If you want a photographer who will make you physically smaller, or who will make your skin silky smooth, I'm not that person either. BUUUUT if you thrive off of and believe in authenticity, then I am your person. I want to capture the real-life moments for you:


I believe strongly in upfront, all-inclusive pricing and fast turnaround (often less than two weeks).
Sound like your kind of person? Great. Let's do this thing!

Meet Beth



“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

– Annie Leibovitz

You want to make some magic...

but something is stopping you.

I've asked around, and most often, one of three things are stopping someone from having photos taken:
-Worry surrounding physical appearance and weight
-Anxiety around the behavior of children
-The financial investment

I get it. I promise. These are real, valid concerns. And while I can't promise an instant fix, I CAN promise you I have been there myself. I'm human. I will do my best to meet you where you are at, to give you suggestions on wardrobe, to chase your kiddos around for smiles, and to create a payment plan that works. These obstacles shouldn't keep you from commemorating this season of life.


Kind Words

“She took my vision and TOTALLY surpassed my hopes and dreams! I am seriously in LOVE with every single photo she took."


Whitney G.

“Beth captured the very essence of our wedding and our love for each other and our family. I can FEEL it in the photos. It is clear to me that Beth has a gift. She is truly an artist."


Melissa B.

“She was so easy to work with, even with a larger group (including keeping the attention of a two year old). She truly is passionate about what she does and it shows through her photos!"


Kayla F.