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about your


I know you work hard for what's yours and I don't take your investment lightly. I know just how much it means.

you're not

just "another."

For me, you aren't just another session, another booking, another client.
And I'm not just another photographer.
This is me — awkward, raw, human me — committed to telling your story in a way no one else can.

what happens

on my end.


The Time

I am invested in ensuring your session is everything you've dreamed of, but also beyond that. I choose your images with intent and purposefulness. I edit with your family, your love, your essence in mind. I value communication, beginning to end. My greatest hope is that when you receive your gallery, you don't see just images but that you see life: Your life, whatever season it may be in.


The Equipment

We just covered the magic that will happen at our session. To make that happen, I want to guarantee that I have the highest quality gear to tell your story. I've also invested and partnered with companies to make certain that your galleries are delivered in a way as meaningful as the images so that you can soak it all in and navigate with ease. 

The Education

You matter, year after year. You change, your needs change, and I don't ever want to settle in my growth. I value growing my skill over and over and investing in continuing my education, both in shooting and editing, in order to continue to tell your stories in the truest way I can.
it all

matters to me.

I want you to know that I am so thankful you're considering investing in me to capture this season of your life. I don't take it lightly and my promise is that I will continue to invest in you as well. Let's see which package tells your story best. Whatever you choose, it's going to be real and true and so, so good.